The Atlantic Education Resource Person Database (AERPD) enables K-12 educators in Atlantic Canada to identify and contact regional speakers, presenters, and advisors or consultants - AERPD members - who can meet their resource needs.

AERPD members include:
classroom and resource teachers
student services
school administrators
learning specialists
post-secondary instructors
not-for-profit organizations and consortiums
advisors and consultants on relevant topics related to instruction, learning and leadership

AERPD membership is offered to resource persons in the education community with an interest in and connections to the K-12 education systems of Atlantic Canada.

Select the Search tab to browse or search the database for resources to meet your education needs.

Information housed within this database is only intended to facilitate access to relevant education resource persons by Atlantic Canada's educators. Users of the database are responsible for all aspects once contact is established with a resource person.

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